Treatment description


Hypoallergenic wax, gentle and effective.

cocooning strip wax

This wax, formerly named Sensitive Skin due to its gentle properties, is renowned for its unique texture. It contains cotton seed oil, an oil classified “fine” for its extreme lightness giving a fluid appearance to the wax which makes it easy to apply due to its exceptionally comforting effect and texture.

Cirepil and Epillyss

Expert wax for intimate areas

A wax suitable for gentle, effective hair removal that respects the intimate area. Intimate wax is enriched with the Cicasepticalm complex, for more respectful hair removal.

Cirépils une méthode d’épilation haut de gamme. Cire hypoallergénique, douceur et performance.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rosin free
  • Perfect before tattooing and revives the colors thereafter
  • Clinically tested
  • Reinforced efficiency

Recommended treatment

Whether you are a regular or a beginner, always remember to let the hair grow out a little (for best results, the recommended time is 3-4 weeks after the last waxing, or 2-3 weeks after last shave).

Treatment price