Live Flux Lymphatic drainage (facial)

Treatment description

Live Flux Lymphatic drainage (facial)

Cellular mechano transduction (Deep tissular massage) These stretching motions influence and stimulate cellular activity to optimize cell functions and exchange. This method naturally activates the body’s cell functions, so they stay younger longer and provide the body with the elements it needs to stay balanced. Mécanotransduction cellulaire. Increases production of collagen and elastin as a result of the stress caused by cell stretching.

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Live Flux Lymphatic drainage (facial)

treatment details

Treatment duration

Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for your clinical treatment. This treatment can be combined with a facial treatment.


Use of a cleansing gel to deeply cleanse the skin and eliminate all daily impurities.

We are going to apply a massage cream to promote the sliding of the tips.

The application of a personalized serum and a personalized cream according to your skin type.

Recommended treatment

A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results according to your needs and the recommendations of your technician.

Treatment price

Live Flux (Face)